Threat Management

Level Nine's Threat Management practice provides holistic and business focused threat insight that focuses organizations on cost-effective threat solutions.


Cyber Fusion Center

Level Nine enables organizations to set up lightweight, agile fusion centers that unify previously disparate capabilities to improve the overall security posture. Our methodology provides a framework for identifying and prioritizing gaps in detection, prevention, and response.

Security Analytics & Monitoring

Level Nine helps create monitoring solutions that remain effective over time where conventional approaches typically fail. Our evaluation and implementation of modern threat detection capabilities uses a data-driven approach to aligning cybersecurity solutions to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the threat.

Incident Response & Forensics

Whether you are building a program or in the middle of an incident, Level Nine's Incident Response & Forensics service can help reduce the cost and prevent the recurrence of cybersecurity incidents. Our practical and dynamic methodology helps control incident costs and get back to business quickly.

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Level Nine helps organizations manage a multitude of data sources about current threats. We turn data connections into actionable intelligence to tune your prevention and detection capabilities. Threat hunting elevates this insight with proactive forensics at scale to identify undetected asset compromise.

Cloud Security

Level Nine cloud security assessments focus on the secure configuration and deployment of cloud assets within the confines of the cloud provider. We help review data protection policies, IAM provisioning, directory services, network zoning and segmentation, OS instance-level security, management consoles, and CLI/API access.

Cybersecurity Testing

We find what automated tools miss. Level Nine performs targeted testing on networks, applications, and mobile devices and full red teaming and threat simulation exercises. Our experience testing across a variety of assets enables inventive and thorough testing that accurately replicates modern threats .

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