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Cybersecurity Solutions

Medical Device 524B

Mitigate the risk of security incidents and strengthen medical device cybersecurity by complying with section 524B of the FD&C Act.


Adhere to Landmark Legislation: F&C Act Section 524(b)

Submit medical devices to the FDA with confidence.

It’s the law. Be prepared to submit comprehensive cybersecurity evidence to the FDA, including:

  • Update and patching capabilities
  • Security controls and testing
  • SBOMs for software components

The FDA will now automatically reject medical device premarket submissions that don’t include specific cybersecurity details required by the agency as spelled out under the new law. We’ll help you prepare a comprehensive submission packet, designed for approval.

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Create premarket submissions for your cyber devices under Section 524B(c).

Medical Device 542b

Meet medical device 542b cybersecurity requirements in confidence.

Prepare for the massive shift in the FDA’s now explicit authority and oversight of medical devices.

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Cyber Devices

Enhanced security for FDA’s high-risk device types

Follow existing FDA premarket cybersecurity guidance and adhere to the new expectations, so there are no issues passing regulatory examination.

Cybersecurity Requirements

Align with amplified levels of inspection performed by FDA to ensure compliance with the guidance to meet medical device 542b cybersecurity requirements.


Collaborate with the FDA for submissions before October 1, 2023. After that date, the FDA may use “refuse to accept” (RTA) for cyber devices that no not meet the new requirements.

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Cyber Device

What is a Cyber Device?

The new cybersecurity requirements apply to medical device manufacturers submitting premarket submissions for products that meet the definition of a “cyber device” under Section 524B(c).

A cyber device is defined as a device that:

  1. includes software validated, installed, or authorized by the sponsor as a device or in a device;
  2. can connect to the Internet;
  3. contains technological characteristics validated, installed, or authorized by the sponsor that could be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity Requirements

Align with medical device 542b requirements.

Under Section 524B(b), manufacturers submitting premarket applications for cyber devices must, by law:


Submit Plan

Submit a plan to monitor, identify, and address post-market cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exploits.


Reasonable Assurances

Design, develop, and maintain processes and procedures to provide a reasonable assurance that the device and related systems are cybersecure.


Post-Market Updates

Make available post-market updates and patches to the device and related systems to address known unacceptable vulnerabilities and critical vulnerabilities that could cause uncontrolled risks.



Provide a software bill of materials, including commercial, open-source, and off-the-shelf software components.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions Beyond Medical Device 524B

When you partner with Level Nine, you’ll have the confidence in your medical device cybersecurity program to focus more on your mission.

ICS and OT Compliance

Improve your operational technology and industrial control systems’ (OT/ICS) security, and comply with critical infrastructure regulations.

Cloud Security

Protect data in transit and at rest while securing your cloud infrastructure from vulnerabilities with enhanced cloud security.

Supply Chain Security

Defend against digital warfare and supply chain attacks with end-to-end critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions.


Embed cybersecurity practices into your products, software, services and processes by designing with a security-first approach.


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Medical Device 524B Compliance Starts with Expert Cybersecurity Solutions

We help organizations align to medical device 524B requirements in the healthcare sector.

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