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Cybersecurity for Food and Agriculture

Protect your control systems, mission-critical data, and food safety with cybersecurity for the food and agriculture industry.


Mitigate Against the Sector’s Increasing Cyberrisks

Threat actors use malware, ransomware, and infiltration methods to infect control systems, hold vital data hostage, and tamper with food quality data — putting your business and public safety at risk. Even global leaders in the food manufacturing industry have been recent victims of ransomware attacks.

For the food and agriculture industry, proactive cybersecurity solutions help you avoid product recalls, reputation risk, and public health incidents.

Take immediate action

Secure the Food Supply Chain

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is helping the food and agriculture industry prevent foodborne illness — as opposed to simply responding to incidents — with improved traceability.

Establish your ISMS

Your information security management system (ISMS) empowers you to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your assets from threats and vulnerabilities by managing your controls.

Manage Risk with NIST

NIST maintians a well-recognized set of cybersecurity standards that serve as a guide for critical infrastructure organizations in need of a complementary risk management and cybersecurity process.

Prepare for New Regulations

We foresee additional pressure on the food and beverage and agriculture sectors to adopt more stringent cybersecurity measures given recent Homeland Security, presidential policy, and CISA announcements.

A single attack can stop manufacturing and result in millions of dollars in spoilage.

Industry Regulations

Stay on Top of Food and Agriculture Industry Standards

The traceability and safety of your products start here.

Align your practices and standards with those of federal agencies. For 15+ years, we’ve helped the food and agriculture industry protect products and thrive.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) provides a proactive approach to the safety and security of the food supply chain.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s regulations around meat and poultry, processed egg products, and seafood focus on food safety and natural resource management.

New security pressures are coming to the food and agriculture sector.

Security Best Practices

A More Secure Future Is Calling

As part of the critical infrastructure sector, food and agriculture businesses are at a heightened risk for cyberattacks. Prepare now — and protect your products, data, and customers — by applying cybersecurity standards today.

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ISO 27001

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 provides a framework for designing, implementing, and managing your information security management system (ISMS).


The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) cybersecurity framework and special publications guide critical infrastructure organizations, like food and agriculture companies, in designing risk management and cybersecurity processes.


Prepare for existing and future regulation by aligning with Food and Agriculture Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals, which create a common set of protections across all critical infrastructure entities.


Mitigate Risk to Critical Infrastructure with Cybersecurity Solutions

For more than 15 years, our risk advisors, pentesters, ethical hackers, and architects have helped organizations secure critical infrastructure across sectors, keeping American citizens and companies safe. Talk to an Advisor

Medical Device 524B

Mitigate the risk of security incidents and strengthen medical device cybersecurity by complying with section 524B of the FD&C Act.

ICS and OT Compliance

Improve your operational technology and industrial control systems’ (OT/ICS) security, and comply with critical infrastructure regulations.

Cloud Security

Protect data in transit and at rest while securing your cloud infrastructure from vulnerabilities with enhanced cloud security.

Supply Chain Security

Defend against digital warfare and supply chain attacks with end-to-end critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions.


Embed cybersecurity practices into your products, software, services, and processes by designing with a security-first approach.


Cybersecurity Services for the Food and Agriculture Sector

Our food and agriculture industry cybersecurity solutions give you the immediate and ongoing support needed to protect your organization from ongoing cyber risks.

Professional Services

Build a strong security program with our professional cybersecurity services.

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and test your security systems with assessment and testing services.

Application Security

Protect the integrity of applications, firmware, or operating systems with third-party component analysis and application security support.

Architecture & Design

Build a secure foundation for your organization with layered security that covers endpoints, networks, data, and people.

Risk & Regulatory

Comply with industry security standards and address risk systematically with risk management services.

CISO Advisory

Partner with our CISO advisory team to enhance your cybersecurity leadership practice and strengthen your communication.

Managed Services

Focus on strategy by leveraging our ongoing managed cybersecurity services.

Detection & Response

Offload threat detection and response protocols to an experienced team of security professionals.

SBOM Monitoring & Analysis

Identify and reduce risk in the software supply chain with managed SBOM monitoring and analysis.

Engineering Support

Maintain the security infrastructure of your organization with a team experienced in operating cybersecurity systems.

Product Security

Ship secure products designed end-to-end with the security of you and your customers in mind.


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Food Safety and Traceability Support for Your Organization

For more than 15 years, our experts have helped food and agriculture leaders create a more secure and safe food supply chain.

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