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Defend Against Critical Infrastructure Threats

Secure your mission critical assets by partnering with the operational technology (OT) and critical infrastructure cybersecurity experts.

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Since 2007

Protect Your Organization. Partner with Cybersecurity Experts.

While the security landscape has changed, our commitment to securing the organizations our world relies on hasn’t.

For 15+ years, we’ve helped critical infrastructure organizations protect mission critical assets.


Access Core Cybersecurity Services

Our cybersecurity services help you address urgent and long-term security goals for your organization. Contact us for cybersecurity services

Professional Services

Build a strong security program with our professional cybersecurity services.

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and test your security systems with assessment and testing services.

Application Security

Protect the integrity of applications, firmware, or operating systems with third-party component analysis and application security support.

Architecture & Design

Build a secure foundation for your organization with layered security that covers endpoints, networks, data, and people.

Risk & Regulatory

Comply with industry security standards and address risk systematically with risk management services.

CISO Advisory

Partner with our CISO advisory team to determine business and compliance requirements and map your cybersecurity program.

Managed Services

Focus on strategy by leveraging our ongoing managed cybersecurity services.

Detection & Response

Offload threat detection and response protocols to an experienced team of security professionals.

SBOM Monitoring & Analysis

Identify and reduce risk in the software supply chain with managed SBOM monitoring and analysis.

Engineering Support

Maintain the security infrastructure of your organization with a team experienced in operating cybersecurity systems.

Product Security

Ship secure products designed end-to-end with the security of you and your customers in mind.

15 Years of Critical Infrastructure Protection

Our agile team of field-tested security professionals deliver cybersecurity solutions for leading critical infrastructure organizations.


Of organizations in Forrester survey experienced an ICS or SCADA breach

Years Securing Businesses

Mission: Securing Your Organization


Mitigate Risk to Critical Infrastructure with Cybersecurity Solutions

Our risk advisors, pentesters, ethical hackers, and architects help organizations secure critical infrastructure across sectors, keeping critical services online and mitigating global security threats.

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Medical Device 524B

Mitigate the risk of security incidents and strengthen medical device cybersecurity by complying with section 524B of the FD&C Act.

ICS and OT Compliance

Improve your operational technology and industrial control systems’ (OT/ICS) security, and comply with critical infrastructure regulations.

Cloud Security

Protect data in transit and at rest while securing your cloud infrastructure from vulnerabilities with enhanced cloud security.

Supply Chain Security

Defend against digital warfare and supply chain attacks with end-to-end critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions.


Embed cybersecurity practices into your products, software, services and processes by designing with a security-first approach.

Industry Specialization

Security Designed for Your Sector

We’re experienced in creating and managing cybersecurity programs for critical infrastructure sectors.


Medical Device


Financial Services

Food & Agriculture



Utilities & Water

Protecting Your Mission Is Our Mission

Secure your data and assets with a critical infrastructure cybersecurity partner.