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Cloud Security

When your data can go anywhere, make sure it goes only where you intend. Level Nine can help with secure cloud deployment

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Protect Your Next-Gen Architecture

Ensure the secure adoption of the cloud.

Building virtual data centers and applications services? You need to think beyond traditional perimeter protections.

Whether you are lifting and shifting existing applications or completely reengineering for a cloud-native stack, ​a single misconfiguration could undermine the ROI of your cloud investment. You need an intentional cloud security program.

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Cloud Security Challenges

Lift-and-Shift Dangers

Prevent single low-security deployments from wreaking havoc in your cloud environment by reassessing risk and securing your cloud storage and infrastructure.

Cloud Native Efficiency

Enable the low-friction use of cloud services without sacrificing security. Deploy native services with reduced overhead by following dedicated design and architecture patterns.

Attack Surface Management

Adopt microservices and cloud-native services while managing your total attack surface, which naturally increases as you add workloads.


Secure your various cloud services — each of which carries unique configuration, defaults, and attack vectors — to protect against adversarial exploits.

Cloud Security Compliance

Align to compliance goals and requirements during your cloud migration. Apply security controls that address your deployments and architectures intentionally.

You’re one configuration error away from exposing sensitive data to threat actors.

Cloud Security

Adapt New Architectures to Mitigate Risk

Design patterns and threat models for common deployment of new cloud services, enable fast and low-friction deployment without sacrificing security.

Cloud deployments with highly customized and unique architecture threaten to undermine the speed and efficiency of cloud and tend to require significant bolt-on security. Level Nine’s cloud design patterns allow you to deploy native services with reduced security overhead with minimal customization to suit your specific business needs.. If you opt for unique architectures, you must adopt additional security controls to meet specific requirements to mitigate the risk of novel deployments.

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Attack Surface

Increased presence. Increased surface..

The adoption of microservices and various cloud-native services can lead to an explosion of publicly available services and data.

Every workload adds to the attack surface. Without close management, you could expose your infrastructure in ways you don’t realize until the first attack occurs.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Medical Device 524B

Mitigate the risk of security incidents and strengthen medical device cybersecurity by complying with section 524B of the FD&C Act.

ICS and OT Compliance

Improve your operational technology and industrial control systems’ (OT/ICS) security, and comply with critical infrastructure regulations.

Supply Chain Security

Defend against digital warfare and supply chain attacks with end-to-end critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions.


Embed cybersecurity practices into your products, software, services and processes by designing with a security-first approach.


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Cloud Security Starts with Expert Cybersecurity Solutions

We help organizations secure cloud deployments in the critical infrastructure sector.

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