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Cybersecurity Solutions

Supply Chain Security

Defend against supply chain attacks with end-to-end critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions.

Secure Your Supply Chain

Threat actors subvert your security controls by targeting and compromising trusted members of your supply chain, including third-party contractors, solution vendors, software, and cyber-physical products that keep the lights on.

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Operational Facilities

Advanced threat actors compromise links in the supply chain of “walled garden” facilities, which lack the external access points found in manufacturing sites, utilities, and public safety.

Enterprise Organizations

With tens of thousands of vendors, enterprise organizations have a massive attack surface area that require enterprise TPRM programs to assess the operational, financial, and cyber risk associated with third-party entities.

Software & Services

Apply the guidance provided by NIST and EO-14028 to mitigate the risk inherent in your software supply chain. Assess your risk and secure the flow of data through external software-related components and services.

Supply Chain Security in the Third-Party Ecosystem

The 2022 Ponemon Study — Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem — illustrates the threat landscape within your supply chain.


Of organizations experienced a cyberattack caused by a third party in the last 12 months


Of organizations lack an inventory of who they share sensitive data with


Of organizations have no centralized control of supply chain security

Secure the Supply Chain with a Risk-Centric Approach

Through a tested process, we define your risk profile and enact security protocols for enhanced supply chain security.

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Third-Party Operational Impact

What kind of impact can this third party have on your operations? We’ll also help determine if there are consequences of severing a third-party connectivity.

Data Sharing Proactive Planning

What data are you sharing? We’ll document your exposure and calibrate a proactive response plan that minimizes risk, spend, and panic in the event of an incident.

System and Service Impacts

What other systems will touch the systems or services the third-party is providing? We’ll design your custom incident response plan (IRP) to quickly react in the event of an attack.

Secure your Cyber-Physical Devices

Silent devices increase your attack vector.

HVAC, industrial controls, automotive devices, and medical devices often evade risk management programs. Since you do not directly manage these, you must rely on your vendor for access and updates.

Supply chain security programs for cyber-physical operational technology typically involve a risk-based approach for identifying high-risk devices and applying security controls to mitigate a compromise on the device.

Identifying which vendors should be monitored and how you will become aware of a software patch is critical. As more OT manufacturers provide Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), you’ll have documents to identify when an inaccessible product may be impacted by a new vulnerability.

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Strengthen and Monitor Weak Links in Your Supply Chain

Managing cybersecurity risks associated with numerous vendors in your supply chain is a daunting task. Any weak link in the chain can jeopardize your entire system.

With a third-party trust needs to be stewarded through four distinct phases.

Establish Trust

Due diligence to help the business make an informed decision

Integrate Trust

Guidance and assistance in connecting systems and sharing data

Operate with Trust

Monitoring the relationship and addressing issues as they arise

Dissolve Trust

Ensuring the business gets its data back and the third party cleans up

Take a proactive approach to supply chain security.

Use SBOMs and AppSec Solutions for Supply Chain Security

Understand the potentially thousands of components and packages within your software ecosystem so you can patch vulnerabilities promptly. And, if you’re a product developer, provide the right information and monitor your SBOM to alert customers and regulators when an issue is identified.

Design, develop, and manage the software supply supply chain of your products with software supply chain security services that let you offer complete transparency into your software components.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions Beyond the Supply Chain

When you partner with Level Nine, you’ll have the confidence in your supply chain cybersecurity program to focus more on your mission.

Medical Device 524B

Mitigate the risk of security incidents and strengthen medical device cybersecurity by complying with section 524B of the FD&C Act.

ICS and OT Compliance

Improve your operational technology and industrial control systems’ (OT/ICS) security, and comply with critical infrastructure regulations.

Cloud Security

Protect data in transit and at rest while securing your cloud infrastructure from vulnerabilities with enhanced cloud security.


Embed cybersecurity practices into your products, software, services, and processes by designing with a security-first approach.


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Secure the Supply Chain with Expert Cybersecurity Solutions

For 15+ years, we’ve helped secure supply chains for the critical infrastructure sector.

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