Cyber-risk services for healthcare providers

The healthcare is a truly unique space for cybersecurity. Many of the solutions that work across finance, retail, and manufacturing cannot simply be replicated in a clinical setting.

There are exceptional use cases to consider, uncommon operating environments, embedded systems with a long service life, and a highly mobile workforce.

While providers look to enhance their cybersecurity they must balance potentially intrusive programs with continuity of care and patient safety.

Level Nine's experience with the nations leading hospitals and our connections to medical manufactures and service providers means we know how to tailor traditional cybersecurity frameworks to the hospital environment. You can build a mature and cost effective program with confidence and at a safe velocity no matter your size or experience.

Level Nine Practice Areas

Risk Management & Strategy

Through digital transformation hospital leaders are encountering increasingly difficult cyber-risk decisions that seem to pull attention and resources away from their core purpose.

Risk Management & Strategy enables cybersecurity leaders to obtain funding and support by demonstrating how their work directly supports patient outcome and experience.

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Product Security

Digital transformation and the internet of things have exploded the number of products with serious security implications. Online portals, patient apps, operational technology, medical devices, and smart rooms.

Whether it's a product you use or one that you build our Product Security practice is dedicated to testing and enhancing the security of these specialty systems.

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Threat Management

Rapid detection and response is one of the most cost-effective cyber-risk treatments, and there is perhaps no environment more sensitive to disruption than clinical care.

The professional hackers in our Threat Management practice apply their knowledge of modern threat tactics to configure secure practices on-premise and in the cloud, build detection and response capabilities, conduct post-incident investigations, and test the preparedness of your program.

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Architecture & Design

The proliferation of cybersecurity technology has made it difficult for providers to balance continuous care with the deployment of emerging technology.

The Architecture & Design practice connects hospitals with experienced professionals to select and deploy the best cybersecurity solutions.

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