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Cybersecurity for Healthcare Providers

Focus on your core mission. Derisk the decision-making process with digital transformation and healthcare practice IT security.


Deliver Continuity of Care and Patient Safety — Securely

Clinical settings offer unique cybersecurity risks — and solutions.

Our experience with the nation’s leading hospitals, and our connections to medical manufacturers and service providers, means we know how to tailor traditional frameworks to deliver cybersecurity for healthcare providers.

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Medical Device Security

Protect the connected devices you develop or use by complying with regulations and protecting patient health information (PHI).

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Detection and Response

Offload threat detection and response protocols to an experienced team of security professionals and professional ethical hackers.

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Risk and Regulatory

Comply with industry security standards like HIPAA and HITECH, and address risk systematically with our risk management services.

Healthcare Practice IT Security

Protect the Complex Hospital and Clinical Environment

No industry is like yours.

That’s why we develop unique solutions in cybersecurity for healthcare providers that address the specific security challenges clinical providers face.

Gain confidence in addressing these challenges by partnering with experts in healthcare practice IT security.

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Digital Transformation

Evolving threats to hospitals and healthcare providers pull resources away from your core purpose, which directly impacts patient outcomes and experiences.

Medical Devices & IoT

IoT, online portals, patient apps, operational tech, medical devices, and smart rooms create new attack vectors which could fall to your organization to manage.

Emerging Tech

Balancing continuous care with the deployment of emerging medical and cybersecurity technologies creates a new challenge that only a strong security architecture can handle.

Non-Traditional Environments

How do you use fingerprints and facial recognition with gloves and a mask? The most secure and UX-friendly solutions don’t always work for hospitals and healthcare providers.

Legacy Equipment

Longer service life for medical equipment also makes it vulnerable to proven exploits and creates incompatibilities with modern protection tools.

Points of Sale (PoS)

With gift shops, cafeterias, and on-site pharmacies many hospitals conduct as many credit card transactions in a day as a mid-tier merchant. Protecting this data and meeting stringent financial regulations can dilute the core mission of providing care.

Regulatory Requirements

HIPAA, GINA, HITECH — whether it’s patient health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare providers have a duty to protect patient data while delivering on patient care, health and safety, and business processes.

Reinvent clinical healthcare security for your patients and providers.

Get Tailored Cybersecurity for Healthcare Providers

You’re not like anyone else.

The healthcare industry is truly a unique space for cybersecurity. Many of the solutions that work across finance, retail, and manufacturing simply cannot be replicated in a clinical setting.

With exceptional use cases to consider, uncommon operating environments, embedded systems with a long service life, and a highly mobile workforce, you need specialized healthcare practice IT security.

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Healthcare Digital Transformation

Focus on Your Core Mission

Hospital leaders are encountering increasingly difficult cyberrisk decisions that seem to pull attention and resources away from your core purpose.

Obtain funding and support at your healthcare organization by demonstrating how your work directly supports patient outcome and experience.

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Meet healthcare cybersecurity regulations and audits head-on.



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Our pentesters, ethical hackers, and cybersecurity analysts are ready to help you create a more secure clinical environment — so you can focus on your mission.

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