Cyber-risk services for healthcare services

The digitalization of healthcare broadened the possibilities for healthcare work. Analytics, marketing, artificial intelligence–you no longer need provide care or pay claims to impact patients. The price of entry to this lucrative field is knowing how to protect the privacy and safety of patients.

Regulators are taking notice as some of the largest concentrations of electronic medical records are amassed outside of hospitals and insurance companies. Meanwhile, those same healthcare incumbents are increasing scrutiny on their suppliers and partners.

Level Nine works with services companies in the healthcare industry to help them understand their risk and the cyber expectations of their customers. Our solutions help growing companies and new entrants become trusted healthcare brands.

Level Nine Practice Areas

Risk Management & Strategy

Expansive potential in healthcare technology goes unexplored simply because organizations don't under stand the risk well enough. Asking the right cyber-risk questions is the precursor to the next business breakthrough.

Risk Management & Strategy helps synthesize the latest regulatory requirements with the leading thinking on risk analysis to reveal compelling strategies that protect the organization and ignite exploration of new ideas.

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Product Security

Healthcare payers and providers are increasingly looking for trusted service providers that can enhance their business and improve patient outcomes. They expect products that demonstrate leading cyber-risk controls.

Our Product Security practice offers cybersecurity design and testing services that help you capitalize on the opportunity to introduce a new product while upholding your commitment to privacy and security.

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Threat Management

Not every threat can be prevented. In the age of the mega-breach organizations aren't judged on the occurrence of the event, but how it is handled. The professional hackers in our Threat Management practice apply their knowledge of modern threat tactics to configure secure practices on-premise and in the cloud, build detection and response capabilities, conduct post-incident investigations, and test the preparedness of your program.

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Architecture & Design

The proliferation of cybersecurity technology has made it difficult to source the deep expertise required to build truly robust cybersecurity solutions.

The Architecture & Design practice connects hospitals with experienced professionals to select and deploy the best cybersecurity solutions.

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