Risk Management & Strategy

Level Nine's Risk Management & Strategy practice helps leaders explore and understand cyber risk insight so they can make informed decisions.


Risk Governance

We help to build robust risk management frameworks that help everyone speak the same risk language and make consistent risk decisions. Level Nine's risk registers, scorecards, and briefings manage engagement and help experts from all backgrounds contribute to complex cyber risk decisions.

Risk Quantifcation

Whether you’re just starting or have a team of data scientists, Level Nine brings expertise from ethical hacking, risk management, and investment strategy to create accessible models that put your data to work in cyber risk decision making.

Executive Communication

Level Nine has decades of experience in the board room, on the stage, and behind the camera for wherever your story need to be told. We help people find their voice. From developing the message, creating the right visuals and experience, to performance coaching we have the experience and expertise to amplify your story.

Cyber Risk Strategy

Whether you’re developing a formal cyber risk reduction strategy or a metrics pack to help guide and track progress, Level Nine begins by helping to craft compelling narratives about why this information matters. We use a practical approach to presenting key results and decision points enhanced by professional and user-oriented visuals to enrich the decision-making process.

Policies & Standards

Level Nine helps organizations get the most out of their policies by creating well-researched, tailored frameworks with a focus on usability. Our approach centers on ensuring a good cultural fit and using design thinking to ensure the information is conveyed to the workforce in a way that they can integrate into their daily tasks.

Regulatory Support

Level Nine, along with our partner assessors, can help you go beyond box checking. We create compliance strategies to efficiently scope compliance programs, reduce the amount of time spent responding to audit requests, and reframe regulatory activities from a sunk cost to a launching point for strategic initiatives.

Information Design

One part art, one part psychology, Level Nine is committed to enhancing the way people receive, present, and interact with information. Our expert designers transform the mundane into compelling stories. Applications include, data visualization, graphic design, and template development.

Process Development

Level Nine helps organizations operationalize and sustain their new ideas. Whether you need to create a brand-new methodology or capture and standardize existing ad-hoc workflows our dedicated process engineers have have created enduring processes, procedures, and job references at large Fortune 500 enterprises and small growing businesses.

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