Cyber-risk services for healthcare payers

With great data comes great responsibility. Customers, regulators, and hackers pay careful attention to every technology move payers make.

Payers are urged to provide more methods for online engagement, more transparency for their members, more insight into allocating and improving care, all while increasing privacy and security. The market will not accept any compromise.

As specialist in cybersecurity for healthcare Level Nine has worked with some of the largest payers in the industry to establish programs that reconcile the apparent trade-offs between security obligation and innovation. Payers can unlock the value of data for their members while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.

Level Nine Practice Areas

Risk Management & Strategy

Insurance runs on the language of risk. Cybersecurity programs that want a seat at the table must demonstrate mature approaches to measuring, analyzing, and prioritizing a cyber-risk portfolio. Risk Management & Strategy helps synthesize the latest regulatory requirements with the leading thinking on risk analysis to create compelling strategies that energize and refocus expanding programs for maximum impact.

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Product Security

While laws and regulation enforce stricter security and privacy controls, the greatest business opportunities lie in meeting consumer and business partner demand for more access to data and services through web, mobile, and cloud. Our Product Security practice offers cybersecurity design and testing services that help you capitalize on the opportunity to introduce a new product while upholding your commitment to privacy and security.

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Threat Management

Not every threat can be prevented. In the age of mega-breach organizations aren't judged on the occurrence of the event, but how it is handled.

The professional hackers in our Threat Management practice apply their knowledge of modern threat tactics to configure secure practices on-premise and in the cloud, build detection and response capabilities, conduct post-incident investigations, and test the preparedness of your program.

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Architecture & Design

The incredible volume of highly-valuble sensitive data handled by payers makes secure development an imperative. Proprietary and internally developed systems are attractive for differentiation but introduce serious cyber-risk challenges.

The Architecture & Design practice connects payers with experienced professionals to streamline agile development processes and build security into the foundation of critical systems.

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