Architecture & Design

Level Nine's Architecture & Design practice provides technical thought leadership and business acumen to drive practical cybersecurity maturity growth.


Program Design

Whether you're establishing a new cybersecurity program or expanding your existing program Level Nine offers decades of experience in organizational structuring, risk-based investment management and portfolio optimization. Our veteran team helps augment your program as a trusted advisor to cybersecurity leadership.

Program Management

Level Nine's seasoned project managers ensure coordination of effort, financial responsibility, and measured progress across enterprise investment portfolios. We support key stakeholder decisions, manage vendor contact, and deploy our experience in sensitive healthcare environments to facilitate smooth deployments.

Architecture & Engineering

Level Nine acts as a bridge between business stakeholders and technology experts, translating business security objectives into risk-appropriate security recommendations. Our functional knowledge of emerging technologies help create compliant, cost efficient, and resilient, solutions.

Cybersecurity Tool Selection

As a vendor-neutral advisor Level Nine conducts needs assessment, vendor analysis, and readiness assessment for organizations selecting new cybersecurity tools., Our approach balances deep-drive technical vetting with strategic alignment to ensure you get a solution suited to your needs that will deliver return on investment.

IAM Strategy

Healthcare is full of unique access use cases that require special consideration Level Nine helps organizations identify business cases, build requirements, and design solutions that provide a delightful user experience while addressing the rise of attacks that leverage "normal access" to operate under-the-radar inside the network

IAM Implementation

Identity and Access Management is one of the largest and most noticeable projects a program will undertake. Level Nine engineers can help solve the technical challenges of deploying and integrating at scale while our expert management and communication team engages the business for a seamless launch experience.

Process Development

Level Nine helps organizations operationalize and sustain their new ideas. Whether you need to create a brand-new methodology or capture and standardize existing ad-hoc workflows our dedicated process engineers have created enduring processes, procedures, and references for large Fortune 500 enterprises and small growing businesses.

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