Using the Cyberthreat Kill Chain

The Challenge

Across industries, organizations struggle with the attacker’s advantage—an organization must secure their entire environment while an attacker needs only one weakness. Sophisticated, well-funded, and highly-motivated attackers will find that one weakness. Since the attack surface of almost every organization is expanding, the question isn’t “how do we stop a breach from occurring?” but “when a breach occurs how do we mitigate loss?”

The Solution

Level Nine’s penetration assessment team designs simulations accurately representing the skills, resources and motivations of sophisticated and state-sponsored attackers. Through multiple black box assessments, our team gained remote access to internal target networks and demonstrated the impact of a successful cyber intrusion. By simulating the attacker’s ability to identify sensitive information, escalate privileges, and pivot through environments, we helped organizations identify sophisticated attack structures—or “kill chains”—and provided the best methods for disrupting them to prevent data exposure.

The Results

Our clients developed a 360º view of their security posture using controlled, real-world threat simulations. Many organizations discover and remediate critical flaws in threat prevention, detection, and response in “blind-spots” from the insider perspective. Our assessments lay the groundwork for innovative solution building that uses predictable threat escalation patterns to overcome the attacker’s advantage.

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