Secure Mobile Development

The Challenge

The architecture of mobile computing forces mobile applications to implicitly trust the device they execute on. In the event that the device or platform is compromised, all of the underlying data is at risk. Additionally, mobile applications create easily exploited windows of trust to backend servers where attackers can access cross-customer data and perform unintended functions.  Nevertheless, most modern enterprises need a mobile presence to stay competitive and connect with customers.

The Solution

Level Nine developers created and tested dozens of high-sensitivity mobile applications across multiple industries. Whether the application is for customers or employees, Level Nine employs a team of expert white-hat hackers to conduct rigorous analysis of how an application may be exploited to cause harm to the business or user.  As a result, our recommendations go beyond secure coding basics to provide application hardening that addresses modern advanced threats.

The Results

Our clients take a competitive advantage in the marketplace because of their ability to provide  better, increased access to sensitive data in mobile environments without increasing their risk profile. With resilient and adaptable security built into their applications, Level Nine clients spend less time fixing security flaws in production and more time developing their next great app.

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