Breach Investigation and Cleanup

The Challenge

A manufacturing company detected a breach of their systems and invoked their incident response (IR) plan to eradicate the malicious activity. However, the attacker stayed ahead of the IR team by pivoting through the system. While one system was secured, another was compromised. This chase across a massive IT environment consumed considerable resources while the attacker continued their path to systems containing highly sensitive data.

The Solution

Level Nine immediately deployed advanced monitoring infrastructure at strategic locations to detect active threats as they pivoted between systems in the client environment. As a result, we rapidly identified threat vectors and targeted eradication efforts for a swift and efficient clean-up. Once the threat was purged from the environment, Level Nine offered its deep expertise in offensive security tactics to predict attacker attempts to regain entry and deploy effective defensive controls.

After the Engagement

The organization avoided any significant damage to their IT systems and disclosure of sensitive data. Many of the defensive controls deployed to prevent re-entry were integrated into the program to prevent future incidents.

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