Advanced Endpoint Protection

The Challenge

The perimeter is dead. Advanced malware designed to bypass commonly used host-based controls (like anti-virus) is on the rise. As a result, endpoint breaches caused billions of dollars in damage in the last few years. A Level Nine client made significant investments into different technologies meant to address common endpoint risks. However, a risk assessment exposed multiple vulnerabilities to modern endpoint attacks. Consequently, they realized the need for a modern holistic approach to endpoint security in the face of changing threats.

The Solution

Level Nine began with a detailed analysis of the current endpoint protection, applying a prioritization methodology refined over decades of practice to identify a strategic approach and secure funding from the business. Next, our solution architects and project managers supported the client in understanding the solution space, evaluating vendors, and negotiating procurement contracts. Through thoughtful design and careful crafting of end user testing, Level Nine helped the client’s operations team and service desk execute a seamless deployment to 40 thousand physical and virtual endpoints.


Endpoint security was the third highest IT expediture in 2016.

61% of organizations say endpoint security is an increasingly important part of their overall IT strategy.

71% of the most serious security incidents are the result of zero-day attacks on endpoints.

The Results

The enterprise significantly reduced its attack surface by removing administrative rights from endpoint devices and implementing advanced containerization technology that protects against high-risk threat vectors like zero-day attacks. Robust controls unavailable in traditional anti-malware or the newest operating systems provide better protection against new threats. Additionally, with the infrastructure set up by Level Nine, event logs can be sent to central security information and event management for faster holistic analysis and response. With new analysis capabilities and a prioritized endpoint security strategy, the business is confident they’re making the most of their current and future endpoint investments.

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