Our Mission

To Empower our clients to build robust cybersecurity programs by providing them with the functional knowledge to execute successfully and the strategic insights to improve continuously.

Our Approach

Cyber attackers are determined, inventive, and adaptive.

Level Nine’s unique, multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity goes beyond simple mechanics. We cultivate relationships between businesses and highly-skilled professionals to outpace cyber threats. Consequently, Level Nine employees helped many Fortune 50 organizations solve complex business challenges to protect sensitive data and enhance brand identity.

While other consultancies offer jargon-rich theoretical recommendations, Level Nine offers a transparent and tailored approach to solution building. Our clients don’t get generic, “ivory tower” recommendations. Instead, we work with clients to create cost-effective, practical solutions.

We make cybersecurity frameworks work for you by tailoring unparalleled knowledge of industry standards and best practices to your unique challenges. Above all, we ensure your cybersecurity program works for the business, not in spite of it.

The Level Nine approach is the alternative to traditional consulting firms that upsell services and create expensive dependencies. We measure our success in your success. Therefore, we design solutions to address root challenges and leave you well equipped for continued success in a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

Our People

Level Nine is a consortium of highly-skilled and multi-disciplinary individuals. Our team offers diverse perspectives that allow us to craft innovative and holistic solutions.

Many members of our team held leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies across insurance, retail, healthcare, and financial services. Fewer than 5% of candidates pass our rigorous screening standards for technical, industry and business skill-sets.   As a result, engaging Level Nine gives you access to the top professionals working in their field.

Our clients receive the highest value from consultants who are passionate about what they do and enjoy the projects they engage. Level Nine takes extra care to match each client with individuals possessing the specialized knowledge and team chemistry to ensure success. As a result, many of our clients form close, enduring professional relationships with Level Nine team members.

At Level Nine our team includes industry leading professionals in areas of:



  • Executive & Management Coaching
  • Cybersecurity Strategy Development
  • Cybersecurity Program Implementation
  • Cybersecurity Architecture
  • Cybersecurity Solution Design
  • Cybersecurity Solution Engineering
  • Security Research & Penetration Testing
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Technical & Process Documentaiton
  • Communication & Design
  • Data Visualization
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Secure Together.

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